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As is the case with all natural resources, we have learned the importance of conserving water. It is the responsibility of each of us to take every possible precaution in conserving fresh water.


The Great Lakes are the world's largest surface freshwater supply on earth where more than 35,000,000 people depend on this supply for fresh water. Although this supply may seem boundless, no resource is endless.


We urge you to be mindful of taking every precaution to preserve this precious resource through some of the following tips.


  • Install low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets. These devices can save as much as 30 percent of water usage.

  • Repair leaking toilets. You can test your toilet for leaks by adding 10 or more drops of food coloring in the tank and checking later to see if the color appears in the bowl. If it does appear, you have a leak.

  • Repair dripping taps by replacing washers or the entire fixture with a new fixture.

  • When utilizing dishwashers, wash only when you have a full load.

  • When washing laundry, wash only when you have a full load or set the water level to your washing maching to accommodate smaller loads.

  • Check your garden hoses for leaks and replace any that do leak. Never leave garden hoses turned on.

  • Insulate hot water lines. This uses less water while you wait for hot water to arrive through your faucet.

  • Use a small cup of water while brushing teeth instead of letting the water flow the entire time you are brushing.

  • Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl.

  • Capture rainwater to water your garden with instead of always using the garden hose.

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The smallest leak can waste many thousands of gallons of precious water.
Conservation - Presque Isle Harbor Water Company, Inc.
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