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PIH Water Company

Presque Isle Harbor Water Company

P O Box W, Waymart PA 18472

Business Office Tel: 1-570-488-5222

Emergency Tel:  1-989-464-3286

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Billing Questions

Frequently asked questions about your water bills

When are water payments due?

Water bills are mailed at the end of each annual quarter and due by the 20th of the month in January, April, July and October.

Why is there interest due on my bill?

If your previous payment(s) were not postmarked by the due date, your payment is considered late. Late fees are calculated and added to your balance due at 1.25% per month. If you know for certain that your bill was timely paid, there may be a chance the payment was inadvertently posted to the wrong account. If this is the case, please contact the Business Office to inquire about your payment.

Can I pay my water bill in advance?

Yes. You can pay your bill in advance at any time although rate increases become effective in January of each year. Water availability is billed as a flat rate and can be paid in advance by paying 4X the amount due on January 20th of each year. 

Why is there a rate increase each year?

As with costs for any business, costs progressively increase in all phases of maintaining the water system. We make every effort to keep rate increases at 1% or lower in order to cover these costs.

How do I pay my water bill if I have lost the return slip?

Simply make sure your account number is on your check or included with a note.

How do I change my mailing address?

There is a check box on the outside of your return envelope for address change, or you can mark through your old address on the return slip and write in the new address. If you are paying without your return envelope or return slip, please mail a note to the Billing Office with your new address, or email us through the Contact form.

Is there a way I can pay my water bill by any means other than mailing a check?

You can set up automatic payments to be made through your bank. This method is utilized by many customers. Be certain your bank notates your account number(s) on the check that is paid.

For additional questions, please do not hesitate to call the Business Offfice 1-570-488-5222 or email us through our Contact page.

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