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PIH Water Company

Presque Isle Harbor Water Company

P O Box W, Waymart PA 18472

Business Office Tel: 1-570-488-5222

Emergency Tel:  1-989-464-3286

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In accordance with the Rates, Rules and Regulations for Presque Isle Harbor Water Company ("the Company"), the following items are violations of water use and / or regulations for fixtures, inspections and owners' responsibilities, more fully defined in the General Rules section listed under Rules and Regulations. 

Presque Isle Harbor Water Co
  • PIH Water Company does not permit the use of public water to assist with the heating of your home using an open loop heating system. As a result of this use of water, the water company has identified higher than average pumping rates during periods of cold weather. Water meter installation will be schedule in the near future in order to promote the conservation of water and to keep operating costs down for all customers.

  • In the event of a drought emergency, as declared by Local or State government, the Company reserves the right to ration water, and to impose and collect fines for non-compliance.

  • The Company reserves the right to require the customer to install, at the customer's expense, as part of a service line connection, such equipment or material which it deems necessary and as may be good engineering practices, to prevent backflow into the water supply system. When such equipment is present, the Company reserves the right to test the same periodically, but the customer shall have the obligation at their own expense to provide annual certification to the Company that the equipment has been maintained and tested and is in operating condition and will serve the purpose for which it is intended.

  • Each and every premise served by the Company, and all the fixtures therein, must be subject to inspection by a company employee at reasonable hours.

  • All customers must provide a valve, conveniently located, inside the building, accessible at all times by the occupant, to be used in cases of emergency due to failure of customer's pipes or fixtures.

  • When an abnormally large quantity of water is desired for filling a swimming pool or for other purposes, arrangements must be made with the Company, three (3) days before taking such water. Permission to take water in unusual quantities will be given only if it can be safely delivered through the Company's facilities at a rate of flow that will not interfere with the service of any existing customer.

  • The Company shall have the right to reserve a sufficient supply of water at all times.

  • No agent or employee of the Company shall have authority to bind it by any promise, agreement, or representation, not provided for in the rules unless such authority is in writing, signed by an officer of the Company.

  • No outside fixtures will be allowed except hose connections. Such hose connections must be attached to the outside of the structure. Automatic underground sprinkling systems will not be permitted.

  • No person or persons, including plumbers, contractors, corporation or members of the Presque Isle Harbor Association my operate, open or close, any valves, curb stops or any other appurtenances of the water system owned by the Company, nor may any of the above attach pipe or appurtenances to the company system or detach pipe or appurtenances from the Company system. Violation of this rull will enforce penalties established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

  • No person or persons, except those authorized by the Company, or those who are members of a Fire Company, may operate fire hydrants.

  • No Fire Company or member thereof shall use the fire hydrants except in the case of fire without seeking permission from the Company at least three (3) days prior to the date of desired use and such permission to use hydrants for other than fire fighting will only be granted if an adequate supply of water is available.

NOTE: This is only a summary of violations and rules associated with your water service. Please refer to the full Rates, Rules and Regulations document for complete information.

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